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Best Outdoor Wheels for Roller Skates-2024 Review 

Explore the finest outdoor roller skate wheels of 2024 in our essential guide.

This year brings cutting-edge designs and superior materials, making the choice of outdoor wheels more thrilling. Our top 10 selection focuses on wheels that offer unparalleled performance and durability on varied outdoor surfaces.

Highlighting favorites like Atom Pulse and Sure-Grip Aerobic Wheels, we ensure your outdoor skating is enhanced at every level. Ideal for any setting, from serene beach boardwalks to bustling city sidewalks and challenging off-road paths, these wheels guarantee a smooth, confident skating experience. Get ready to roll into the outdoors with the best wheels for roller skate enthusiasts this year.

Best Outdoor Wheels for Roller Skates

Summary of the Best Outdoor Wheels for Roller Skates

Product Name Image Check Current Price
Atom Pulse Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Check on Amazon
Sure-Grip Motion Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Check on Amazon
Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Check on Amazon
Radar Wheels – Energy 62 Check on Amazon
Moxi Fundae Quad Roller Skate Wheels Check on Amazon
Sure-Grip Outdoor Aerobic Wheels Check on Amazon
Radar Energy 57mm 78A Roller Skating Wheels Check on Amazon
Bont Glow Outdoor Recreation Roller Skate Wheels Check on Amazon
Riedell Sonar Wheels – Zen Check on Amazon

1. Atom Pulse Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

The Atom Pulse wheels are a standout choice for outdoor roller skating, known for their exceptional performance on various surfaces. Let’s delve into their specific features:

Key Features:

  • Surface Compatibility: These wheels are designed to excel on outdoor surfaces like sidewalks, boardwalks, and asphalt, making them a versatile choice for different skating environments.
  • Durometer: With a 78A hardness, Atom Pulse wheels strike a balance between softness for grip and hardness for durability, ideal for outdoor skating.
  • Diameter and Width: The wheels come in two sizes – the standard version at 65mm in diameter and 37mm in width, and the Lite version at 62mm in diameter and 33mm in width. This variety allows skaters to choose based on their preference for speed and stability.
  • Wheel Varieties: They are available in Standard, Lite, and Glitter versions, catering to different aesthetic preferences.
  • Color Options: Atom Pulse wheels offer a wide range of colors, including lime green, red, blue, pink, and purple, adding a vibrant touch to your skates.
  • Core Technology: They feature Atom’s Special Hollow Core Technology, which enhances the wheel’s structural integrity without adding unnecessary weight.


  • Atom Pulse wheels provide a smooth roll, especially on rough outdoor surfaces. Their design reduces skate vibrations and leg jiggle when rolling over small rocks and uneven terrain.
  • The hollow core technology incorporated into these wheels contributes to a lighter feel, enhancing stability and control.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Great grip on outdoor surfaces, smooth performance, various size options, and a wide color range. They are also known for their durability.
  • Cons: They may not be the fastest outdoor wheels available due to their softer durometer. Skaters looking for speed might prefer wheels with a harder durometer.

Overall Impression:

The Atom Pulse Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels are a top pick for skaters seeking a comfortable and reliable ride on various outdoor surfaces. Their combination of durability, smooth ride, and aesthetic appeal makes them a favorite among outdoor skaters​​.

2. Sure-Grip Motion Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

The Sure-Grip Motion wheels are another excellent choice for outdoor roller skating, offering a combination of smooth performance and durability. Let’s explore their features and benefits:

Key Features:

  • Surface Suitability: These wheels are specifically designed for outdoor conditions such as sidewalks, boardwalks, and asphalt, providing versatile use for various outdoor skating activities.
  • Durometer: With a 78A hardness rating, Sure-Grip Motion wheels are soft enough to absorb vibrations and rough terrain while still providing a stable skating experience.
  • Diameter and Width: Available in two sizes – 62mm and the discontinued 65mm. The 62mm wheels are 32mm wide, and the 65mm wheels are 35mm wide, giving skaters options based on their preferences for speed and stability.
  • Core: These wheels feature a hollow nylon core, contributing to their light weight and durability.
  • Color Variations: The wheels come in multiple colors, including black, blue, pink, purple, and red, allowing skaters to personalize their setup.


  • The softness of the Sure-Grip Motion wheels makes them ideal for handling polished concrete or rough asphalt, offering a smooth ride over pebbles and sidewalk cracks.
  • These wheels are particularly suitable for beginner and intermediate skaters, providing a confident and controlled roll outdoors.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Excellent smoothness on rough surfaces, light and sturdy design, variety of colors, and reliable quality from Sure-Grip, a well-known skate manufacturer.
  • Cons: Advanced skaters may find these wheels to be slower than desired due to their softer durometer.

Overall Impression:

The Sure-Grip Motion Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels are a great choice for skaters who prioritize a smooth and controlled ride on outdoor surfaces. Their balance of comfort and performance makes them ideal for beginners and intermediate skaters, although speed-focused advanced skaters might prefer a harder wheel​​.

3. Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Editor’s Choice

The Sure-Grip Boardwalk wheels are highly regarded for outdoor skating, known for their smooth glide and durability. Here’s a detailed look at their features:

Key Features:

  • Designed for Outdoor Use: These wheels are tailored for outdoor skating, offering excellent performance on various surfaces like sidewalks and trails.
  • Durometer: With a 78A hardness rating, they provide a perfect blend of shock absorption and stability, ideal for outdoor conditions.
  • Size: The wheels come in a size of 65mm, which is a good balance between speed and maneuverability for recreational skating.
  • Material: Made from high rebound urethane, these wheels are not only durable but also provide a smooth ride over bumpy routes.
  • Color Options: Available in vibrant red urethane, they add a pop of color to your skates.


  • Smooth Glide: The Boardwalk wheels are known for their ability to glide effortlessly over rough surfaces, including ground scattered with pebbles and cracks.
  • Traction: Despite their smooth performance, these wheels offer plenty of grip, aiding in turns and tricks execution.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Excellent for outdoor use with great traction and durability, and a smooth glide over various surfaces.
  • Cons: Primarily designed for outdoor use, they may not be the best option for indoor skating. Larger size might make them slower than dedicated indoor wheels.

Overall Impression:

Sure-Grip Boardwalk wheels are an excellent choice for outdoor skaters looking for a wheel that combines smooth performance with durability and traction. They are particularly suited for those who skate on mixed outdoor surfaces and need a reliable wheel that can handle a variety of conditions​​​​.

4. Radar Wheels – Energy 62

Radar Energy 62 wheels are designed for high-performance outdoor cruising, offering a balance of speed and control. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Key Features:

  • Premium Urethane Formula: These wheels are made with a high-quality urethane formula, ensuring a smooth and silent roll on different outdoor surfaces.
  • Diameter: With a 62mm diameter, the Radar Energy 62 maintains momentum, making them suitable for longer skating sessions.
  • Hub: The responsive micro hub offers improved control, allowing for precise maneuvers in turns and crowded areas.


  • Versatile Terrain Handling: They perform exceptionally well on rough surfaces like cracked pavement, gravel, and debris, providing a stable and comfortable ride.
  • Speed and Stability: The 62mm diameter ensures a balance of speed and stability, making them a great choice for skaters who prefer a wheel that can handle various outdoor conditions.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Excellent urethane quality for smoothness, good momentum maintenance, improved responsiveness, and effective on rough terrains.
  • Cons: The narrower width might offer less stability compared to wider wheels.

Overall Impression:

Radar Energy 62 wheels are an ideal choice for outdoor skaters seeking a wheel that offers smooth performance and the ability to conquer challenging terrains. Their combination of speed, stability, and responsiveness makes them a versatile option for many outdoor skaters​​.

5. Moxi Fundae Quad Roller Skate Wheels

Customer Favorite

Moxi Fundae wheels are known for their versatility and performance, suitable for both park skating and street cruising. Here’s a closer look:

Key Features:

  • Height: With a short height of 57mm, these wheels provide agility, making them ideal for crowded paths and busy parks.
  • Urethane Hardness: The firm 92A urethane is optimal for performing tricks and transitions, offering the right balance between grip and speed.
  • Design: They feature a stylish hub and vibrant colors, adding an aesthetic appeal to your skates.


  • Maneuverability: The smaller size enables agile maneuvers, perfect for navigating through crowded spaces.
  • Suitable for Tricks: Their hardness and build quality make them great for ollies, jumps, and other skate park tricks.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Agile and maneuverable, ideal for park and street skating, vibrant colors, and suitable for performing tricks.
  • Cons: Smaller size sacrifices some speed, and the firm urethane may be rougher on rough roads.

Overall Impression:

Moxi Fundae wheels are a fantastic choice for skaters looking for a versatile outdoor wheel that excels in both park and street environments. Their design and performance characteristics make them a favorite among skaters who enjoy a combination of cruising and trick skating​​.

The next steps in this article would continue with the remaining top outdoor roller skate wheels, focusing on their features, performance, and overall suitability for different skating styles and conditions.

6. Sure-Grip Outdoor Aerobic Wheels

Great for Exercise

For those looking to enhance their outdoor skating, particularly for fitness and training, the Sure-Grip Aerobic wheels are an excellent choice. Here’s what they offer:

Key Features:

  • Diameter and Hardness: These wheels feature a 62mm diameter and an 85A hardness, providing a good balance between momentum and control.
  • Surface Compatibility: Designed to handle various rough surfaces, they offer a smooth ride on cracked sidewalks and gravel paths.


  • Enhanced Outdoor Training: The smooth and stable feel of these wheels makes them great for outdoor training, improving techniques and footwork.
  • Grip and Control: The 85A hardness ensures adequate grip, aiding in precision during turns and maneuvers.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Good for indoor and outdoor use, offers excellent overall performance, and has reliable traction.
  • Cons: The hardness might compromise some shock absorption, and the mid-size might be slower than larger wheels.

Overall Impression:

Sure-Grip Aerobic outdoor wheels are perfect for artistic, fitness, or recreational skaters looking to train outdoors. They combine resilience, performance, and comfort, making them a great outdoor skating companion.

7. Radar Energy 57mm 78A Roller Skating Wheels

The Radar Energy 57mm 78A wheels are a versatile choice for skaters who frequent skate parks and smoother outdoor surfaces. Here’s why:

Key Features:

  • Diameter and Hardness: These 57mm diameter wheels with a 78A hardness rating are great for smoother outdoor surfaces and transition skating.
  • Contact Patch: With a 31mm contact patch, these wheels offer fast response and agility.


  • Responsive and Agile: Ideal for spins and transitions at parks, these wheels provide excellent responsiveness and agility for intricate skating maneuvers.
  • Smooth Outdoor Skating: They are recommended for smoother outdoor surfaces, providing a comfortable ride.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Great for transition skating, responsive, suitable for smooth outdoor surfaces, and available in multiple colors.
  • Cons: Not the best choice for very rough surfaces due to their smaller diameter.

Overall Impression:

Radar Energy 57mm wheels are an excellent option for skaters who enjoy spending time at skate parks or on smoother outdoor surfaces. They offer agility and responsiveness, making them a versatile and fun choice for various skating style.

8. Bont Glow Outdoor Recreation Roller Skate Wheels

Nighttime Favorite

Bont Glow wheels offer a unique feature set, especially appealing for evening outdoor skating. Here’s what sets them apart:

Key Features:

  • LED Lights: These wheels come with LED lights that emit a neon glow as you skate, powered by a magnet spacer in the wheel’s core.
  • Diameter and Hardness: The wheels are 62mm in diameter, suitable for both indoor and outdoor skating.


  • Versatile Use: Good for both evening outdoor skating and dancing at the rink, they provide flexibility in use.
  • Agility and Spin: With a contact patch of 35mm, these wheels offer more agility and are great for turns and dancing.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Unique glowing feature for night skating, suitable for various skating environments, and offers good agility.
  • Cons: Not the best for very rough outdoor surfaces, and the 83A wheels might feel too grippy for indoor rink skating.

Overall Impression:

The Bont Glow wheels are perfect for skaters looking for a bit of flair in their outdoor skating, especially at night. They provide a fun and functional option with their glowing feature and versatile performance.

9. Riedell Sonar Wheels – Zen

Riedell Sonar Zen wheels are a popular choice for outdoor roller skaters seeking durability and grip on various surfaces. Let’s delve into their details:

Key Features:

  • Material and Hardness: Made from high-quality urethane, these wheels have an 85A hardness, offering a good balance between grip and speed.
  • Size: These wheels come in a size of 32mm x 62mm, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor skating.


  • Long-Lasting Grip: Designed to withstand extensive use, they offer a durable grip on different surfaces, from rink floors to outdoor streets.
  • Color Options: Available in eight different colors, these wheels allow skaters to customize their setup according to their style preferences.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Good for both indoor and outdoor use, provide a smooth ride, and come in various color options.
  • Cons: May not be the best choice for very rough outdoor surfaces due to their hardness level.

Overall Impression:

The Sonar Zen wheels by Riedell are an excellent choice for skaters who want a versatile wheel that can handle a range of surfaces. Their durability and range of colors make them a great choice for both performance and aesthetic appeal​​.

Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Buying Guide

When selecting the best outdoor roller skate wheels, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you get the most suitable wheels for your skating style and the surfaces you skate on. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Wheel Diameter and Size

  • Diameter: The diameter of the wheels affects speed and maneuverability. Larger wheels (62mm-65mm) are faster and roll more smoothly over rough surfaces but may be less agile. Smaller wheels (57mm-60mm) offer more agility and control, suitable for intricate maneuvers and tricks.
  • Width: Wider wheels provide more stability and are better for beginners or rough surfaces. Narrower wheels offer more agility and speed.

2. Durometer (Wheel Hardness)

  • Hardness Scale: Outdoor wheels typically have a durometer rating between 78A to 85A. The lower the number, the softer the wheel.
  • Surface Compatibility: Softer wheels (78A-80A) are better for rough, uneven surfaces as they absorb more vibration. Slightly harder wheels can be used on smoother outdoor surfaces.

3. Wheel Material

  • High-quality urethane is the standard material for outdoor wheels, offering durability, grip, and a smooth ride. The quality of urethane also affects the wheel’s grip and rebound.

4. Core Design

  • Hollow Core: Offers a lighter wheel and can affect the overall feel and stability.
  • Solid Core: Provides more stability and durability, especially for aggressive skating or on very rough surfaces.

5. Color and Aesthetics

  • While not impacting performance, the color and design of the wheels can be an important factor for personal expression and style.

6. Brand Reputation and Reviews

  • Consider reputable brands known for quality skate products. Read reviews to understand real-world performance and durability.

7. Budget and Price

  • Determine your budget as wheel prices can vary. More expensive doesn’t always mean better, but investing in good-quality wheels can improve your skating experience.

8. Special Features

  • Some wheels come with unique features like LED lights or specific designs for special types of skating. Assess if these features align with your skating style and preferences.

Where to Buy

  • Purchase from reputable skate shops, online skate stores, or directly from brand websites. Ensure they offer authentic products with good customer service and return policies.


In conclusion, the selection of outdoor roller skate wheels in 2024 offers a diverse range of options catering to different skating styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for wheels that provide a smooth glide, excellent grip, or specialized performance for specific skating disciplines, there’s something available to meet every outdoor skater’s needs. Remember to consider factors such as wheel hardness, diameter, and intended use when selecting the best wheels for your outdoor skating adventures.

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