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Jeuwith Skates: 4 Wheels Inline Skates and the 3 Wheels Inline Skates

Jeuwith, known for its quality and innovation in the skating world, presents these two models, each boasting unique features and designs. The 4-wheeled variant promises stability and comfort, perfect for those leisurely long-distance rides or beginner skaters. On the other hand, the 3-wheeled model is all about speed and agility, catering to the adrenaline-seeking, experienced skaters.

4 & 3 Wheels Inline Skates-Jeuwith Skates

Feature/AspectJeuwith 4 Wheels Inline SkatesJeuwith 3 Wheels Inline Skates
SizeMen 7/Women 8/26cmMen 8.5/Women 9.5/27.5cm
Wheel MaterialPolyurethanePolyurethane
Wheel Size110 Millimeters110 Millimeters
Closure TypeBuckle, Lace-UpBuckle
Frame MaterialCNC Aviation AluminumPrecision Aluminum
Comfort FeaturesBreathable mesh, Removable & Washable LinerBreathable mesh, Removable & Washable Liner
Safety FeaturesTriple Protection System: Safety Buckle, Fine-Tuning Safety Buckle, Lace ClosureTriple Protection System: Safety Buckle, Fine-Tuning Safety Buckle, Lace Closure
Wheels & Bearings80*76mm PU Wheels, ABEC9 Bearings110mm high rebound 85A wheels, ABEC9 Bearings
Item Weight6 Pounds2 Kilograms
Warranty12 Months12 Months
Unique Selling PointsIdeal mix of flex and lateral support, perfect for distance skatingStrong controllability and balance, suitable for higher speeds
Recommended UseLonger skating sessions with less foot fatigueSkaters looking for fast, superior speed and additional control
A comparison table for the Jeuwith 4 Wheels Inline Skates and the Jeuwith 3 Wheels Inline Skates

Jeuwith 4 Wheels Inline Skates

Jeuwith 4 Wheels Inline Skates Check Current Price on Amazon

Size: Men 7/Women 8/26cm
Color: BlackBlue

First Impressions:

The Jeuwith Inline Skates strike an impressive balance between style and functionality. The BlackBlue color scheme is both sleek and eye-catching, making these skates stand out both in design and appearance.

Build and Design:

Crafted with a CNC aviation aluminum frame, these skates are remarkably strong and lightweight, ideal for long-distance skating. The frame’s sturdy construction provides excellent stability, ensuring a secure skating experience without compromising on maneuverability.

Comfort and Fit:

Comfort is a standout feature of these skates. The breathable mesh surface paired with a removable, washable liner ensures your feet stay cool and comfortable, even during extended use. The combination of a buckle and lace-up closure system offers a snug, adjustable fit, reducing foot fatigue and enhancing overall comfort.


The skates are equipped with premium 85A polyurethane wheels, sized at 80*76mm, supported by ABEC9 carbon steel bearings. This setup delivers a smooth, easy ride with minimal vibration and great speed control. The hardness of the wheels makes them suitable for a variety of surfaces, providing a versatile skating experience. Additionally, the included brake pads add a layer of safety, especially for beginners or when skating in crowded areas.

Safety Features:

Safety is paramount with the Jeuwith skates. The triple protection system, which includes a safety buckle and fine-tuning buckle, ensures your feet are securely fastened, reducing the risk of injury. This system also enhances skating performance by providing a firm, supportive fit.

Warranty and Size Selection:

A 12-month warranty adds value and peace of mind to your purchase. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. Also, the accurate shoe-size-to-skate-size conversion simplifies the selection process, ensuring you get a pair of skates that fit perfectly right out of the box.


The Jeuwith 4 Wheels Inline Skates are a fantastic choice for both men and women looking for a blend of style, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re into leisure skating or more aggressive inline activities, these skates are adaptable, durable, and comfortable for a variety of skating experiences. The thoughtful design, safety features, and strong build quality make them a worthy investment for any skating enthusiast.

Jeuwith 3 Wheels Inline Skates

Jeuwith 3 Wheels Inline Skates Check Current Price on Amazon


  • Size: Men 8.5/Women 9.5/27.5cm
  • Color: BlackRed
  • Brand: JEUWITH
  • Material: Aluminum Frame, Polyurethane Wheels
  • Wheel Size: 110 Millimeters
  • Item Weight: 2 Kilograms

First Impressions: 

The Jeuwith 3 Wheels Inline Skates immediately grab attention with their striking BlackRed color scheme. Their sleek design suggests speed and agility, appealing to both recreational and serious skaters.

Build and Design: 

Featuring a precision aluminum frame, these skates are both sturdy and lightweight, ideal for those who love distance skating. The design balances flexibility and lateral support, reducing foot fatigue and enhancing the overall skating experience.

Wheels and Bearings: 

The highlight of these skates is undoubtedly the 110mm high-rebound 85A wheels, coupled with ABEC9 bearings. This combination promises a fast and smooth skating experience, making these skates perfect for those looking to skate at higher speeds with great control and stability.

Comfort and Fit: 

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked in the design of these skates. The breathable mesh surface and removable comfort liner ensure your feet stay cool and comfortable. The soft, breathable lining is both washable and incredibly comfortable, which is crucial for long skating sessions.

Safety Features: 

Safety is a key aspect of the Jeuwith skates. The triple protection system, which includes a safety buckle and a fine-tuning buckle, along with a lace closure system, ensures a secure and snug fit. This not only improves safety but also enhances skating performance by ensuring the feet are properly positioned.

Warranty and Size Selection: 

A 12-month warranty adds an extra layer of confidence in the purchase. The brand’s straightforward approach to sizing, matching skate size to shoe size, simplifies the buying process, ensuring a perfect fit.


The Jeuwith 3 Wheels Inline Skates are an excellent choice for both men and women seeking a blend of speed, comfort, and style. Whether you’re a casual skater or a more experienced one, these skates offer the performance, comfort, and durability needed for various skating endeavors. The combination of high-quality materials, thoughtful safety features, and a sleek design makes these skates a standout choice in the inline skating world.


the Jeuwith 4 Wheels and 3 Wheels Inline Skates each present a unique skating experience, tailored to different preferences and skill levels. The 4 Wheels model, with its stability and comfort, is an excellent choice for those who enjoy leisurely rides or are just starting out in the world of inline skating. Its design caters to prolonged use with less fatigue, making it ideal for beginners or long-distance enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the 3 Wheels model is a perfect fit for the speed and thrill-seekers. Its design favors quick maneuvers and high-speed adventures, appealing to the more experienced skaters who crave agility and performance.

Both models share the commitment to quality and safety that Jeuwith is known for, with durable materials, comfortable liners, and reliable safety features. Your choice ultimately depends on what you seek in your skating journey – comfort and endurance with the 4 wheels, or speed and agility with the 3 wheels.

Regardless of your choice, both skates stand as testaments to Jeuwith’s dedication to enriching the skating experience. As you lace up your chosen pair, remember that the best skate is the one that aligns with your skating style and aspirations. Happy skating!

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