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Skating Board Quotes: 20 Insights to Fuel Your Ride

  1. “The harder you slam, the more the crowd will scream.” – Tony Hawk, skateboarding icon.
  2. “Skateboarding is the poetry of the streets.” – Unknown, illustrating the artistic flow found in the urban sprawl.
  3. “You didn’t quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding.” – Jay Adams, legendary skateboarder.
  4. “Skateboarding is an art form, a lifestyle, and a sport.” – Tony Hawk, highlighting the diverse nature of skating.
  5. “Sometimes it’s just about rolling and feeling the wind and enjoying life.” – Ryan Sheckler, professional skateboarder.
  6. “Skateboarding has taught me two things – that symbolize a meaning of life. How to keep a balance and how to pick yourself up when you’ve fallen.” – Nikki Rowe, author.
  7. “I won’t quit skating until I am physically unable.” – Unknown, reflecting a lifelong dedication to the craft.
  8. “Skate where you’re not supposed to.” – Rick McCrank, pro skater, celebrating the rebel spirit of skating.
  9. “My life is my art, my art is my life.” – Ed Templeton, pro skateboarder and artist.
  10. “Skateboarding is a poetry of motion.” – Stevie Williams, professional skateboarder.
  11. “Chase the exhilaration of skating, and the rest will follow.” – Unknown, focusing on the pure joy that comes with the ride.
  12. “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb, widely adopted in skate culture for its message of resilience.
  13. “Skate and destroy.” – A motto from Thrasher magazine that embodies the aggressive edge of skateboarding.
  14. “A skateboard is a canvas and the city, an art gallery.” – Kilian Martin, freestyle skateboarder.
  15. “Good skating is not about tricks; it’s about how you move.” – Lance Mountain, prioritizing style and flow.
  16. “Skate to create.” – This phrase shines a light on the innovative aspect of skateboarding.
  17. “Skateboarding is the only sport where you can express yourself as an individual through the science of motion.” – Rodney Mullen, innovator and skateboarding legend.
  18. “Keep your dreams alive. Hit the streets and skate.” – Nyjah Huston, emphasizing the aspirational aspect of skateboarding.
  19. “Embrace your weirdness.” – Cara Delevingne, actress and model, endorsing the individuality that skateboarding nurtures.
  20. “Streets are canvases for us skaters.” – Unknown, celebrating the urban environment as a playground for creativity.

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