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Top 10 Ice Skating Rinks in the USA

Are you an ice skating enthusiast looking to carve the ice with grace or perhaps eager to attempt your first glide? If you’re nodding in agreement, you’re in for a treat. Ice skating is not only an enjoyable pastime but also serves as an excellent source of exercise and a tranquil escape. It caters to a broad spectrum of talents, accommodating both novices and seasoned skaters.

Selecting the premier ice skating rink that meets your criteria involves considering a mix of elements: the ambiance, the expanse of the ice, and the services provided are pivotal. Searching for the most picturesque, capacious, and awe-inspiring rinks across the nation?

We’ve got you covered in this post. Below, you’ll find a curated roster of the top 10 ice skating rinks in the USA, distinguished by their unique characteristics, from scenic settings to extensive facilities. 

Additionally, we’ll equip you with essential insights on how to maximize your visit: what to anticipate, how to prepare, and activities to engage in.

So, lace up your skates, don your coziest beanie, and let’s embark on a journey across the ice

1. Rockefeller Center, New York City

Rockefeller Center stands as an emblem of ice skating splendor in the United States. This rink is not just renowned but steeped in a rich tapestry of popular culture, gracing the screen in numerous films and TV shows. During the festive season, it dazzles beneath the glow of what is arguably the world’s most majestic Christmas tree, enhancing its seasonal allure.

Open from October through April, the rink gracefully accommodates approximately 150 skaters simultaneously. Encircled by a kaleidoscope of festive lights, fluttering flags, and the gilded Prometheus statue, the Rockefeller Center Rink transforms into an enchanting winter oasis, with the evening ambiance particularly spellbinding.

For those eager to trace circles on this historic ice, securing your tickets ahead of time is a must, which you can do either online or by phone. Ticket prices vary, generally falling between $20 and $54, a reflection of the chosen date and time. Skate rental is available at $15 a pair, but feel free to bring your own for a more personal touch.

While the ice is certainly the centerpiece, the surrounding Rockefeller Center has much to offer. Enhance your visit with a trip to the Top of the Rock for panoramic city views, a show at the iconic Radio City Music Hall, or a behind-the-scenes look at the NBC Studios.

2. Bryant Park, New York City

Bryant Park serves as an appealing choice for those seeking a more economical skating experience in New York City. Its rink is a haven for winter enthusiasts from October to March, offering complimentary access to all. To secure your spot, simply book a ticket online or via phone beforehand.

Nestled amidst the verdant charm of Bryant Park, the rink presents ample space, flanked by a host of amenities. For those without their own skates, there is the option to rent a pair at $23. For a splash of luxury, consider renting a private heated igloo. At $200 per hour or $400 for two hours, these cozy retreats offer VIP snack and beverage service, with selections catered to all ages.

The park is not just a skating destination but a lively hub of seasonal festivities. With a calendar brimming with live music, holiday markets, and special themed nights, there’s an invigorating spirit that permeates the air.

Beyond the rink, Bryant Park invites exploration, from the hallowed halls of the New York Public Library to the festive Winter Village, not to mention the whimsical turns of the Carousel. Whether you lace up your skates or simply soak in the atmosphere, Bryant Park offers a delightful winter escape within the city.

3. Central Park, New York City

Central Park showcases New York City’s passion for ice skating with its trio of rinks, each offering a unique experience amidst the park’s sprawling grandeur.

Wollman Rink stands out as a favorite, graced by the backdrop of the Central Park Zoo. Open from October through April, it presents a picturesque panorama of the park fused with the city’s skyline. Entry fees vary, oscillating between $6 to $13, while skate rentals are available at $10 if you haven’t brought your own.

For those seeking a quieter glide, Lasker Rink is tucked away in the park’s heart and welcomes visitors from November to March. With adult admission set at $9 and a more modest $5 for children, it promises a more intimate skating experience, and skates can be rented for just $8.

Conservatory Water, on the park’s east side, is a gem that opens its icy expanse to the public when the weather is right, completely free of charge. Remember, you’ll need to have your own skates for this one or rent them from nearby providers.

No matter which rink captures your fancy, ice skating in Central Park is an exhilarating affair. And when you’re done with the rink, the park itself beckons with its myriad attractions, from the vibrant life of the zoo, the scholarly halls of the museum, to the storied battlements of the castle.

4. Millennium Park, Chicago

Millennium Park stands as a premier Chicago attraction, with its ice rink becoming a seasonal hub for both skating enthusiasts and sightseers. Nestled among urban splendors, the rink offers unrivaled vistas of the city’s architectural wonders, including the reflective allure of Cloud Gate, fondly dubbed ‘the Bean,’ the historic Chicago Cultural Center, and the esteemed Art Institute of Chicago.

Running from November through March, the Millennium Park rink welcomes everyone at no cost—just be sure to secure your slot via an online reservation or a phone call. Skate rental is a convenient option at $16, or you can bring your skates.

A standout perk of this rink is the complimentary ice skating instruction provided on weekends. Before the rink opens to the masses, these free sessions cater to all levels, allowing you to refine your skills under the guidance of seasoned instructors.

And while the ice-skating experience itself is a draw, a visit to Millennium Park wouldn’t be complete without capturing the moment in front of Cloud Gate. Its reflective surface offers a unique, distorting mirror of the city skyline and the sky above, making for an unforgettable addition to your Instagram feed.

5. The Providence Rink, Providence, RI

Nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown Providence, The Providence Rink provides a twist on the classic ice skating experience. Apart from the traditional glide across the ice, this rink raises the stakes with the quirky addition of ice bumper cars. It’s an ideal spot for those who seek an extra dose of fun, offering a chance to bump, spin, and slide alongside friends or family.

Active from November to March, the rink immerses you in a convivial atmosphere enhanced by crackling fire pits, enticing food and drink stands, and the rhythmic pulse of live music. With an array of seasonal events like themed skate nights, trivia competitions, and open-air movies, there’s always a new reason to visit.

To secure your spot on the ice or in a bumper car, it’s wise to reserve in advance either online or via phone. Ice skating is priced at $10 for adults and $5 for children, while a thrilling 15-minute bumper car adventure costs $15 per person. Skate rentals are available at $6 a pair, but you’re welcome to bring your own skates for a personal touch to your skating session.

6. The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL, Roseville, MN

The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL, Roseville, MN

The Guidant John Rose MN OVAL stands out as an ice skating colossus in Roseville, Minnesota. Boasting the title of North America’s largest ice skating rink, this mammoth expanse covers an impressive 110,000 square feet, making it larger than two standard football fields. It’s designed to accommodate a staggering 800 skaters simultaneously, with a sophisticated network of 84 miles of underground pipes ensuring pristine ice conditions.

From November to March, the OVAL is a hub of frosty activity, offering not just traditional skating but also speed skating, hockey, bandy, and even aggressive skating. It’s a venue that attracts both the community and competitive spirits, playing host to international events like the World Cup Speed Skating, National Bandy Championships, and the joyous Winter Skate Festival.

To experience the expansive ice at the Guidant John Rose MN OVAL, adults are charged an admission of $7, while children can enter for $6. Those needing equipment can rent skates or other gear for $6 per item. Of course, visitors are always welcome to bring their own skates to take on the ice with a personal flair.

7. Siskiyou Ice Rink, Mount Shasta, CA

Nestled at the foot of the awe-inspiring Mount Shasta, the Siskiyou Ice Rink presents a picture-perfect skating experience like no other. Open from November to February, visitors to this Californian gem skate on natural ice, against the stunning backdrop of one of the world’s most famous volcanoes.

This rink is more than just a place to skate—it’s a community endeavor that embodies a commitment to sustainability, healthy recreation, and educational outreach. Throughout the ice season, the rink is abuzz with a variety of programs, including public skating sessions, instructional lessons, camps, clinics, and even celebratory events. It also plays an important role in supporting local endeavors by partnering with schools, nonprofit organizations, and charities.

For those wishing to glide across the Siskiyou Ice Rink, it’s advisable to review the schedule in advance online or by calling, as hours may vary. Admission is incredibly affordable, ranging from $5 to $10, making it accessible to all who want to enjoy the ice. Additionally, skates and helmets are available to rent for just $2 each, though personal equipment is always welcome.

8. Beaver Creek Village Ice Rink, Beaver Creek, CO

The Beaver Creek Village Ice Rink in Colorado is the epitome of alpine charm and intimacy. Imagine a place where the spirit of a winter wonderland comes alive all year round, complete with stunning fireworks displays, the melodic background of live music, and the cozy comfort of heated benches—a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

Situated in a quaint alpine resort, the Beaver Creek Village Ice Rink offers an ambiance that is both inviting and picturesque. As you skate, you’re enveloped by the enchanting night sky, the gentle dance of snowflakes, and the soothing sounds of a crackling fire. To sweeten the experience, the rink treats skaters to complimentary hot chocolate and cookies every afternoon, adding a touch of homely luxury to your ice skating adventure.

Planning a visit to this delightful rink requires a bit of foresight. You’ll want to secure your tickets online or by phone to guarantee your spot on the ice. For adults, the ticket price is set at a reasonable $20, while children can join in the fun for $15. If you’re in need of skates, the rink provides rentals at an affordable rate of $5 per pair, but you’re equally welcome to bring your own skates to the rink.

9. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas delivers an ice skating experience that is as dazzling as the city itself. Situated atop the rooftop pool of the hotel, this rink transforms into a winter spectacle with a panoramic view of the Las Vegas skyline—a sight that is as breathtaking by day as it is glittering by night. Visitors are treated to the whimsy of artificial snowflakes and the charm of themed nights, all while enjoying the convenience of cocktail service.

From November to January, the rink at the Cosmopolitan becomes a centerpiece of winter fun in the heart of the desert. Imagine gliding across the ice with the energy of Las Vegas buzzing around you or enjoying the thrill of snow tubing with a unique urban backdrop. For those looking to relax, plush cabanas offer a cozy retreat. The venue is also known for its eclectic array of seasonal events, from movie and date nights to the novel experience of silent discos on ice.

To indulge in this extravagant ice escapade, make sure to book your session in advance online or by contacting the venue directly. The cost for a skating session is $30 for adults and $20 for children, providing access to this unique icy enclave. For an added bit of fun, snow tube sessions are available at $15 for a 15-minute whirl. Skate rentals are conveniently available for $10 a pair, but if you prefer, you’re welcome to bring your own skates to hit the ice in style.

10. The Galleria Ice Skating Center, Houston, TX

The Galleria Ice Skating Center is an ideal spot for those who want to combine the pleasure of ice skating with the convenience of urban amenities. Nestled within the sprawling Galleria shopping mall—one of the largest in the nation—this rink offers a unique skating experience with a picturesque glass ceiling, an impressive centerpiece tree, and seasonal decorations that exude a festive atmosphere.

A sanctuary from the Texan heat, the Galleria Ice Skating Center invites visitors to enjoy its facilities year-round. Whether you’re looking to practice your pirouettes, observe the grace of other skaters, or participate in one of the rink’s many classes, there’s something here for everyone. The center is also a popular venue for a variety of gatherings, from vibrant birthday celebrations to corporate holiday events, and it even hosts skating exhibitions.

For those eager to hit the ice, the center has an admission fee of $19 for adults and $18 for children, which includes the cost of skate rentals and entitles you to an unlimited time to skate. Should you prefer to use your own skates, you’re more than welcome to bring them along, and for convenience, lockers are available to rent for a nominal fee of $1.


Ice skating is a delightful blend of entertainment, exercise, and serene relaxation that caters to enthusiasts of every age and proficiency. Whether you’re lacing up your skates for the first time or are a seasoned ice aficionado, there’s a rink out there calling your name.

Throughout this blog post, we’ve explored a curated selection of the top 10 ice skating rinks across the USA, chosen for their distinctive features, stunning surroundings, and the range of facilities they offer. We’ve equipped you with essential details to help you plan your visit, from operational seasons to the array of activities available on and off the ice.

Now, it’s time to take your pick, don your skates and your coziest winter hat, and venture out to one of these remarkable ice skating rinks. You’re sure to have an unforgettable time!

Are there any rinks that particularly caught your interest? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you know someone who shares your passion for gliding on ice, why not spread the joy and forward this post to them? Here’s to joyous skating adventures ahead!

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